JOshua Esquivel


Joshua Esquivel has a profound love for capturing the magical animals that call Sedona home.  Joshua’s photography reflects his deep connection to these creatures, showcasing their beauty and the enchanting spirit of Sedona’s wildlife. Each photograph tells a story of nature’s wonder, inviting viewers to share in Joshua’s awe and reverence for the animal kingdom.

About Joshua

Joshua Esquivel, a professional photographer based in the enchanting Sedona, Arizona, masterfully captures the magic and beauty of this sacred land. With a deep connection to nature, Joshua’s work transcends mere images, inviting viewers to experience the ethereal landscapes, vibrant sunsets, and the mystical energy of Sedona. His photography, infused with a reverence for the natural world, serves as a visual meditation, revealing the profound serenity and timeless wonder of the environment. Through his lens, Joshua shares a soulful narrative, highlighting the harmony and splendor of our magical world.

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Sedona, Arizona


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